Sunday 24 July 2011

Sunday Sunday

Well today wasn't as strange as yesterday but still not normal, lol. I definitely think that it is because we have been having the work done. I glad to say that it is all completed now apart from a bit of dressing up. Still need to get a new door and blind, but it looks lovely and I am really pleased with it. Once i have downloaded the pics I will post them on here. Whilst the work was being done I was up in my craft room. I was doing a card for my niece as she is going away to study in the US at the beginning of August. There is a tale to the card but I will enlighten you on that in another post.

Right onto the first card done in the afternoon session of the Summer Crafting workshop. Here it is and I really like it... When we were shown it, I gasp as it looked quite complicated but in the end I really enjoyed making it.
It was done in sections with the wrap being done first. The pin wheel was made and secured with another home made button.
A pocket was made inside, which you can't really see in the picture. I think this card would make an ideal wedding card or gift card to put vouchers or money in.

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