Wednesday 27 April 2016

What happened May 2015

A beautiful sunny day today but very chilly here in the South today. We had Ollie for a couple of hours this morning. We took him out for a walk and he slept the whole time. 

This afternoon we had no.1 grandson. Picked him up from school and he stays with us for a few hours. Last week we had promised him a picnic in the garden but as it was a bit chilly out there we had a carpic (picnic on the carpet :-) ). I did try to get a picture but my phone died. 

I did manage to make a card last night which I will show you after the recipients birthday in a couple of days time. What I do have to show you is the last of May 2015 pictures which I have scrapped. 

These pictures were taken at Worthing seafront. Leon and I had an afternoon there. He played in the pirates play park, had ice cream and we rode on the train where it was a tad windy!! Just after the picture on the left was taken he fell off there and landed on a metal bucket. He ended up with a huge bruise on his cheek. 

This is him on his birthday which he shares with Grandad. 

He decided here that he wanted to have a shave like Daddy :-) 

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Tuesday 26 April 2016

All Seasons

What a funny old day today has been weather wise. We have had rain, sunshine, wind and even snow!! Does the weather not know that it is nearly May and we need some warmer weather!!

Had my youngest grandchild today, Ollie - he is 9 weeks old now and such a cutie..

Still no cards to show at the moment but I have done another scrap page of last year. These are some pictures of hubby and I in Eastbourne. We thought we would have a lovely day in Eastbourne which is about 20 miles along the coast. However when we arrived there was thick fog and rainy. However we had a good laugh!!

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Monday 25 April 2016

Road Trip to Ikea today

Oooo look at me, blogging 2 days on the trot. :-) 

I have had a lovely day today. We had a road trip down to Southampton to visit Ikea. I love walking around Ikea and setting up new home in my head. I did have some stuff to buy and also look at as I will be over the next few months redesigning my craft room as I have a hole in the floorboards in my room and I need to clear it out completely so what better time to give it an overall :-) My be before then I may even get in there and make a few cards :-) 

Amongst other things I am trying to go through my photos from last year and scrap them to make a memory book. I am up to May 2015 so far but have just taken a little break to do these two pictures.  My son and his family May 2015 and then Feb 2016.

Hope to be back tomorrow!

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Sunday 24 April 2016

No time to Blog......

WOW been a long time since I blogged. I was hoping to try and blog a bit more regularly. I will get there eventually but since hubby retired the time just seems to go and the days seem really quick. 

A quick synopsis of the last 2 weeks - have been to 2 craft workshops and made some lovely cards. I still have to finish them so will show when I have. Have looked after my youngest grandson which was quite scary to start with. Again photos to follow when I have sorted myself out. Hubby and I have been out for a couple of walks, one very long one and one not so long.  Today I have been sorting my bedroom out, clearing wardrobe and cupboards in there. Feeling very satisfied because I managed to get 1 black bag of rubbish, 2 black bags for the charity shop and 1 black bag for card boot sale.

I did have a card to make for my great niece who was 4 last week. The card was done in CAP using the Fairies digi kit.

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Monday 11 April 2016

Back from another few days hols

Arrived back from our short break away with Leon, my oldest grandson over on the Isle of Wight on Friday afternoon. Lovely few days and he was so good and he really enjoyed himself but it was very knackering. :-)  Photo's will follow. 

I still haven't made any cards recently (apart from those at craft workshops) and I have to say that I am getting withdrawals but I have so many other things that I need to do in the house.

However of an evening I have been doing a few digital scrap pages. The 2 I have to show you today are of Leon last year.

The first one is on his birthday. He got a pirate kit and decided to dress up before school. 

This page is from his birthday party eating his food.

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Sunday 3 April 2016

Saltdean Workshop Card 31/03/16

Well another busy day today. We are taking the oldest grandson off on hols to the Isle of Wight tomorrow so have been washing, ironing and packing today :-). I did also have time to make a quick 'Thank You' card for my husband to give to his work colleagues for the retirement gifts he got. I will show you when I have photographed it. 

The card I do have to show you is one that we made last week in Clair's workshop. I absolutely love this card. Luckily I do have the stamp set and die set which is Stampin Up 'Number of years' stamps.  The large backing matt was done using Martha Stewart Frame Punches which I was naughty and have gone and bought them :-). We made a boxelope for the card made with WRMK enveloper. I will definitely be making more of these. 

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Saturday 2 April 2016

Peas in a Pod

Had to do this scrap page to show the likeness between my two grandsons. Although Ollie weighed over a lb lighter then his older brother, the likeness is uncanny!!

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Friday 1 April 2016

Baby Ollie

Another beautiful day here in the South. Been out shopping with hubby and a friend, lovely pub lunch at The Juggs  and then home.

Have no card to show today but I do have a scrap page of my newest grandson. He is 6 weeks old and growing fast now... they don't stay babies for long :-)

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