Thursday 14 August 2008

New cards made today

Well new eyes bought my mojo back today and I have made a couple of cards for family birthdays. They aren't difficult cards, just quick.

This card on the left was done for my brother in law (surprise surprise!) . It is 2 decopuage cars on a white pearlescent card. I have used peel offs for the greetings and a peel off border.

This card has been made for my great nephew. He loves football. The card already had the windows cut out of it. I have put red handmade paper behind the windows and stuck it down. I then used gold football related peel offs and stuck them on. Then used a gold peel off greeting.

This is another square card . Green handmade paper was stuck on the card and then the golfer and golf bag are decoupaged and stuck on the card. Peel offs were used again. This card is for my friends brother who we are going up to see at the weekend.

All the cards were done very quickly and would have liked to have made more but my eyes were hurting.
Will see if I can make more tomorrow
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I can see.......

Yesterday was the big day for my laser treatment. To say that I was nervous was an understatement. I was out the nighyt before with some friends and I couldn't really enjoy myself as I had a real bad stressy headache. I woke up yesterday with a really bad tummy.. which I think was just the nerves. My appointment was at 9am and i arrived there with my hubby and good friend, Cyd. I felt ok but tummy was still playing up.

I had my consultation and they confirmed they could do the treatment (which was just as well as I already paid for it) lol. Well I had to wait for a couple of hours then as they were running behind. When they called me in for the treatment, I was taken into a room and asked to put on a lovely white hat. I was then called into the treatment room, laid down on the chair/bed and the treatment began. The whole process took about 15 mins and was pain free. The most painful bit (and this wasn't really painful just uncomfortable) was after the treatment when I git home. I found it very difficult to open my eyes so they tell you to rest on the day of the treatment so I went to bed for a couple of hours and when i woke up I was fine.

Eyes were a little blurry and I spent the evening closing them every now and again ans resting, my sight was still blurry.

I woke up thos morning to lovely clear vision, the first time in just over 30 years that I was able to see unaided...

I have been for my follow up appointment this morning and told I have 20 20 vision, they are healing fine. Need to just continue putting eye drops in and have another followup appointment next week.

It was worth every single penny.

Anyone who may be thinking of having it done - DO IT!

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Sunday 10 August 2008

I've done some crafting...

On Wednesday, my friend Pam went for a Stamping Up demo/make & take, hosted by Joanne (Mainly Flowers). It was a small group but we had lots of fun and made a couple of cards and a cute little box. I haven't done a lot of stamping before, only at classes but I really enjoyed the evening and was inpressed with the Stampin up stuff. I could have spent alot of I'd like to say 'Thank you Joanne for a lovely evening, & the tea & biscuits were great!
I will be getting my stamps out soon, honestly!

The evening went really quickly and we didn't leave there til about 10.30pmish. There was a brillient thunderstorm during the evening and the lightening when we drove home was amazing.

Thanks for reading...