Sunday 11 October 2009

Wii Fit – I have one…….

For sometime now I have been thinking about buying a Wii Fit. I have heard how much fun they can be and I thought I it would be a bit of exercise that we can all do and have a bit of a laugh whilst doing it. I was speaking to a work colleague who I hadn’t seen or spoken too for sometime and I commented on how well she looked and how much weight she had lost. She said that she had been using her Wii Fit everyday for ½ hour and it had really worked. A friend of Gary’s at work was selling their Wii Fit so we bought it and last Wednesday decided to set it up. The first thing you have to do it set up your ‘mini me’. This is comical in it self. Once you have done this then you have to register. This takes you through a series of tests, finding your COG (centre of Gravity). You have to put your height and date of birth and then it takes your weight and BMI. Obviously it isn’t accurate but it gives you an idea. You then have to put in a weight loss target. You then have to do a balance test and from all this it will then give you your Wii Age. Well on the first day mine was 40 (real age 42) which I was pleased about. Gaz’s wasn’t too good, his was 64 (real age 51- opps!)
You can then go onto the training bits and this is split into 4 categories.
1) Yoga
2) Muscle Workouts
3) Aerobic Exercise
4) Balance Exercise

We started off on the balance exercises. This includes heading footballs – very funny when you get hit by a football boot!!, Slalom, ski jump, table tilt and tightrope walking. The better you get the more activities you open. I tell you what its knackering.
The aerobic exercises are things like hoola hooping, step and jogging. These get your heart pumping.
If anyone is in two minds about getting one I would encourage them to get one most definitely. It‘s far better than sitting in front of the TV!
By the way I have lost 3lb and my Wii age is at the moment 35!!

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End of an Era………..

Some of you who have read my blog may be aware that back in June I was told that my job would be going and that I had to apply for another job or opt to take voluntary redundancy. Well things have moved on a bit now, I didn’t get the job I applied for – Shame!! – Not that I wanted it in the first place but I had to apply for one. Well I was told last week that my redundancy request had been agreed and I would be getting my letter and package through the post imminently.
Well the letters were due out last Friday but due to the postal strike that is about, they also sent them by e-mail which I picked up on Monday. My package was very nice, thank you very much…. I would hope so after 17 years of service and I have been given a final day of between 14th and 31st December. So I am now in my last couple of months in full time employment and it is exciting as well as very scary! I have worked full time since I was 19 (I have never had time off for children as I have never given birth). The only length of time I have had off was when I was sick for 4 months.
Will I get another job – yes I will eventually but there are a few things that I want to do first, a couple of training courses I want to do to get some more qualifications, sort my house out and work on my website up and running. So I am now on countdown! I have 3 weeks holiday at the end of October when I am going to Florida and then I will only have a couple of weeks left.

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Craft Day – Craft Barn – 18th September 2009

Me and my mate PAM went to the Craft Barn on Friday for a couple of craft classes. However they cancelled one class as there was only Pam & I booked on it. Pam was disappointed as she had bought the stamps that we were going to use in the afternoon and needed some ideas. However Carol Cockburn, who was running the classes, had bought in her samples and Pam took some pictures.
The morning class had 3 of us in there and we were making a Christmas card using a lovely set of stamps called Penguin Pandemoneum. The stamps are so versatile and easy to use and to colour.

I really enjoyed making this card apart from the glitter. I hate glitter!!!!

The backing was made from scrunched up paper, covered with glimmer mist, dried with a hot gun and then ironed. It gives a lovely effect.

Needless to say after the class had finished we went and had lunch at Browsers and then back to the Craft Barn for a bit of shopping. I ended up buying the penguin stamps along with some other stuff which may get to see the light of day!!

On the way home we stopped off at Copthorn and went in the Hobby Craft store in the garden centre there. Bought a couple more bits… you can never have too much.
It was a lovely day – thanks Pam

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Holiday in Weymouth – 5th September 2009

Holiday time… yey!!! Off we all went on our jollies down to Weymouth. We stayed at the Weymouth Bay holiday park in a caravan owned by the mother of a friend of Cyd & Fel’s. They came too!
The journey down there was a bit of a mare. Traffic around Ringwood was very heavy. We took 2 cars as the boys wanted to play golf and there was no way we could fit all of the luggage into one car and 2 sets of golf clubs.
The caravan was very nice, double glazed and centrally heated.
The weather for the week was good. It was a bit over cast & misty on the Sunday when we went to LULWORTH COVE. It was warm though.
Monday, the boys played golf and we girls stayed back at the caravan. We have a chilled out day. Gary & I explored the campsite looking at all the different caravans.
Wednesday we went to BOVINGTON TANK MUSEUM. Never knew there were so many different types of tanks. Gaz was in his element because he loves war stuff. It was quite interesting.
Thursday was my day because we went to MONKEY WORLD. What a lovely place this is. We have all seen it on the telly but seeing it in the flesh was something else. We saw all the favourites including the Batchelor boys, the ugly monkeys, capuchins, orang-utans, spider monkeys and the gibbons. We saw Jeremy, one of the head keepers and spoke to Mike, the other head keeper there. I was shocked to find out that they get no government funding but keep it going by donations. He also said that Gordon (for those of you that have watched the programme will know he is the orang-utan that was born in the park and raised by Mike) is going to be a dad in the Spring!
There is a lovely memorial to Jim Cronin and Charlie, a lovely brass sculpture.
My favourite place though is the baby orang-utans. I spent about an hour watching them playing etc. They are so ugly but the cutest things you have seen. Unfortunately you can’t see much on the pictures because the fence got in the way but I could have stayed there all day watching them. They are so human….
On the Friday the boys played golf again and Cyd and I went down to the seafront, had a cup of tea and watched the world go by.
Saturday, unfortunately we had to come home again. We stopped off in the New Forrest for a cup of tea and cake in Fordingbridge. The journey home from there was very painless and quick.
It was a lovely week and a nice rest …. Roll on October for the next holiday!
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Crafty Day at Guildford – 22nd August 2009

A few weeks ago an IMAG-E-NATION friend GRETA arranged a crafty day in Guilford for about 20 ladies from the forum. I was a great get together where we chatted, crafted a bit, chatted, drank tea and ate plenty. Greta’s son produced a fantastic buffet which kept us going during the day.
TONI, our ‘local Stampin Up’ demonstrator came all the way from Tamworth and did a couple of show and tells. Here are my efforts at the card. She also showed us a cute book mark come whatever you want to use it for. A lion, she also made a ladybird. I haven’t made up mine yet but here is a picture of Toni’s lion. Hopefully I will get mine made soon…if only I can remember where I put it!!!
My mate PAM also did a show and tell – a lovely little box just made from scalloped edged squares that are cut using the scalloped edged square nestabilities. She has a tutorial of how to make the box on her Crafty Bits blog HERE.
They are really cute boxes and so easy to make and can be finished in so many different ways. I just wish I could find mine!!!
Helen, one of the other ladies organised a bring a buy sale where we bought our craft stuff that we didn’t use anymore and I took a few bits and made about £35 which I was quite chuffed about.
It was a great day and I had lots of fun meeting new and old friends. Roll on to the next one!

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Thursday 1 October 2009

Fab Blog Candy


There is some fab blog candy here. New Quickutz Silhouette cutting system. Open to anyone with a UK address.

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