Tuesday 27 December 2016

Quick Catch Up

It's been quite a time since I blogged what with holiday and Christmas, I will try to go into more detail and have pictures of my holiday when I have them sorted and also some pics of Christmas with my grandsons but in the meantime here are the last lot of cards I have made for birthdays/anniversaries in November and December.

Sorry for the quick post but thanks for reading.

Sunday 13 November 2016

Quick Catch Up before Holiday

Well what a busy couple of weeks I have had. Trying to get straight before my holiday on Wednesday. We are away for 4 weeks and I have had to get all my Christmas stuff up to date. This is just a quick update of the net few days.

Since my last blog we have been away for a few days with Leon (I will blog on a separate post) 

Firstly a bit of sad news. A good friend of mine lost her Dad a couple of weeks ago. He had been poorly but it is still a shock for her. Here is the card that I made for her. 

It was the first year in I don't know how many that hubby had bonfire night off due to his retirement. My friend had a bonfire party complete with bbq and sparklers and fireworks. I am not a great fan of foreworks - never have been - but it was nice to have the party.

Hubby and I have not been for one of our walks recently so we decided to have a walk along Hove Seafront. Lovely walk, weather was great - cold and sunny and we even got to see another couple of Snowdogs. 

This one has got to be my favourite. It looks so cuddly.

Also along the way we have had my boys over. Ollie is still teething and he will not sleep!! Only sleeps for about 1/2hr at a time. I am quite exhausted when he goes back to Mum and Dad's :-).

Here they both are playing together in the conservatory. 

This was Ollie eating his toast with Roxy willing him to drop some!! :-) 

Thanks for reading

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Beautiful Autumn colours

On our journey down to take my mother - in - law to catch her plane we passed some beautiful autumn colours. I don't know abut you but I am finding the trees are more stunning this year. There are some gorgeous sights. These pictures just don't do them justice. 

Thanks for reading

Monday 31 October 2016

Day at Battle Abbey

Last week, half term, we took Leon away to the Isle of Wight for the week. I will blog about that in another post. However on the Friday before then we took my mother in law over to Battle Abbey . My son and his girlfriend were over in Winchelsea on holiday and we had to go over to pick up the dog as they were out to a party on the Saturday so we decided to incorporate a visit to Battle also.

Lovely place with lots of history. Unfortunately we couldn't get round all the battlefield due to the 950 year anniversary the week before when they had an enactment of the battle. 

When we left there we went on to the caravan where my son was staying and we went to a lovely little pub for a lovely meal. Gave a chance for Dan to say bye to his Grandma as she was going back to France the following morning.

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Monday 24 October 2016

Another Wedding Anniversary Card

Last week was a very good friend of mine's wedding anniversary. Her and her husband went away for the week so I had to send it to them early. Hope it got there on time :-) 

The card was made using Twiggy and Toots, the owls. The card was designed using CAP.

Thanks for reading 

Sunday 23 October 2016

Starting to Panic now

I go to the U.S in just under 4 weeks time and I am beginning to panic now as I have so much to do, however I don't seem to have the inclination. I want to get all my birthday/anniversary cards finished for the rest of the year. I also need to get all the Christmas pressies bought and sent before I go away and I am away from tomorrow for a few days with my oldest grandson. So I really need to get my bum in gear. I'll get it done....I have to :-) 

Anyhow I was sitting here yesterday and designed a couple of cards using CAP. Great way to do cards. Design online then print off and make into a card. This one I even followed the sketch over on Sketch Saturday HERE and will be entering it into the challenge.

Here is the sketch 

I printed off the base papers then printed 2 more hearts and owls so that they can be decoupaged. The picture doesn't actually show the decoupage but it is. Wasn't too keen on the colours of the backing bits at first but I have grown to like them. 

Thanks for reading 

Thursday 20 October 2016

Holiday Time - September 2015

Last year, just before Leon started full time school we took him on a small holiday for a couple of days to the Isle of Wight. We stayed in a caravan although according to Leon it was a 'campervan' :-) 

Here are a few scrap page layouts of some of the pictures we took. 

Thanks for reading

Wednesday 19 October 2016

My Grandsons' and a First Wedding Anniversary

Last night we had our eldest grandson to stay overnight. He is in year 1 at school and now has homework (some quite hard I think for a 5year old!!) He has surprised us at how good his reading is. We get him to read a couple of books each time that we have him.

Here he is doing his numbers homework with Grandad whilst Nanny cooked dinner :-) . We got him to use coins to help him add his numbers together. 

Today, Wednesday is my normal day for the grandsons so whilst Leon was at school we looked after Ollie. He is 8 months old now and quite a little character. Here he is playing with his new bricks ( a bargain I picked up at the local charity shop for £3. 

Today is also my son & daughter-in-law's first wedding anniversary. Not sure where that year went but here is the card that I made for them. I designed that card in CAP.

Thanks for reading

Sunday 16 October 2016

Day Trip to Isle of Wight

 Last Thursday we took my mother in law over to the Isle of Wight to visit a friend over there. Unfortunately she couldn't visit her friend as the friend was ill so we decided that we would visit Osborne House. What a beautiful place and tranquil gardens. Home of Queen Victoria.

We only went into the house and were unable to explore the grounds as my mother in law has difficulty walking but hubby and I will definitely be returning to explore the grounds more.

The house is beautifully decorated with very elaborate ceilings. The pictures below are all from the house and the grounds.

Victoria's bedroom

Her sewing room

The office

The Dunbar Room (The Indian Room) Beautifully decorated with intricate paneling and ceiling. This room can be hired out for private functions and as of next year, weddings can take place there.  

Thanks for reading