Thursday 26 February 2009

What a week....

Well it all started last Saturday. Gary & I went down to Portsmouth to the wedding of my cousin David's daughter Marisa. I had always been close to david as a youngster. He was like a father figure to me when I was growing up. Unfortunately due to different circumstances I hadn't seen him or his family in a few years apart from the odd phone call to his wife over the years.

We got in contact with Marisa last year on a chnace meeting, she was working at Specsavers in Brighton and Gary went in there to get some new glasses and she served him and it went from there.

She told us that she was getting married and wanted us there so we went. I was excited to be seeing David and Magdaline again after all this time. The last time I had spoken to Magdaline, about a year ago, she said that he was acting strange, loosing his memory and that maybe had onset dementia. Well i wasn't prepared for the shock I got when I saw him walk Marisa down the aisle. He looked so old and it really upset me. I suppose it's the old thing that you never think people get old, they are always as you remember them. After the service I spoke to him and he seemed really strange. He knew who we were but he just seemed very distant. He was always one to make jokes, be full of fun etc, but he seemed subdues. He just kept walking around and smiling at people with a stupid grin. I spoke to magdaline and she said that she wanted to let me know before we went down there but what woth the wedding etc she forgot. She said that he has no idea what is happening to him, just thinks that he is forgetting more and more.

Although the wedding was lovely and it ws lovely to see all the family is still upset me to think of him like that.

Heres a picture of Magdaline, James and Marisa and David.

Then today Gary had to go into hospital to have a op on a a lump on his ear. Last summer her had a scab opn the edge of his ear that wouldn't heal up. It kept bleeding, scabbing over. We didn't think anything of it but then it went hard. In October it started getting a bit bigger so he went to the doctors and they said that it looked like a cyst but to keep an eye on ot. She told him that it's if it scabs over and keep bleeding that you have to be worry about - silly sod didn't tell her it had already gone through that stage!!. Anyway we went on holiday and whilst away my friend and I noticed that it was getting bigger and looking quite angrey. i told him that he needed to get it checked out again and when we got back from holiday in December he went back to the doctors. She looked at it and immediately said she would refer him to the hospital to get it checked.
he had the appointment come through quite quickly and when he went up there the consultant confirmed that it was skin cancer and the lump would have to be removed. However it did say that it was non spreadable cancer!! When he told me I freaked out a bit, I hate that word.. I have lost both my parents to it!. The letter for hios operation came through quite quickly, it was for 17th February. They would be removing the lumpo under local aneasetic. However the Friday before his op, he got a letter to re schedule the op for today. He was upset as he hadn't been sleeping and getting himself worked up. Over the last week, the lump has grown and has started bleeding and looking really angry. This afternoon he had the op. The surgeon told him he hadn't seen a lump that angry adn it took quite some time to cut it out. He came out and it looks like he has had his ear cut in half and then sewn up! They are sending the lump away for analysis and he has to go back in 6 weeks for a check up but at least it is done. he was told that his ears will never look the same now and you can see that the one that he had the op on is smaller, but as I said to him, that he can live with that. His work cap may be wonky when he puts it (he's a police inspector).
After this week I am pleased to be going away on Saturday. We are off to Devon for a week.!
Thanks for reading