Wednesday 5 May 2010

Well what a funny few days....

Well what a funny few days I have had. Hubby had a long weekend off - Friday to Sunday, but was ill over that time. Started off feeling very achy and with a headache, we thought it was exhaustion and maybe a touch of flu... on Saturday I went and got him some over the counter medication and gave this to him which he reacted to badly and we had a awful Saturday night with him.
Sunday he seemed a little better when he stopped taking the medication and went back to good old paracetomol. Monday he was feeling bad again, really tired, achy, headache, so off to bed he was sent... now those of you that don't know me should know that I don't do illness. I hate being ill and I have no sympathy with any one that is ill either. You should just get on with it...Bless him I just abut had enough Monday evening and I was a bit hormonal too so I shouted at him and then immediately burst into tears. he had another bad night Monday night so I made an emergency doctors appointment for him as we are dur to go on holiday on Thursday. The doctor was very thourough and asked lots of questions. The outcome... he had a chest infection... (he had no cough !!). Doctor gave him antibiotics and advised against flying... (not bloody likely - been waiting for this holiday too long!) We went and got him his antibiotics and got him started on them as soon as possible.
By Tuesday evening he was feeling a lot better. Horray!!!!
Today Wednesday we have taken our cases up to Gatwick.. booked them in and we are all ready to fly off tomorrow to Florida.... that is as long as the dust cloud stays away...
Well I'm going now.. will update you all of my holiday when I return on 21st May.

Thanks for reading.