Monday 22 September 2008


Have been neglecting my blog for a few weeks. Not that I haven't been idle, just haven't had time to complete this,

Well I haven't made any cards since my last posting, just haven't had the time.
I have been busy at work and in my spare time I have been knitting and updating my website
E-bay have decided to up their shop charges to over double what they have been and I am not prepared to pay that for the privilidge of having a shop. So it's trying to update my website and start to advertise that.

The knitting was another story. If you can remember from a previous post, I was asked to knit a boloro jacket for my friends mum for a wedding she was going to in September, well talk about the 11th hour. The day before the wedding I was on one of the sleeves and still had one more to do, then I realised i would run out of wool. She had bought the wool from Southend so couldn't get it from there. Went intoi all the local wool shops (all two of them) - no luck, came back home and started going through Came up with 4 shops in area I live in. Rang all of them - no luck, by this time in was 12.30 on the Friday and the jacket was needed for the folloing day at 1pm. To say I started to panic was an under statement. Then I had a light bulb moment. C&H Fabrics - so I rang them, yippee they had one ball of the colour and dye in stock.
I jumped into the car, zoomed into town, got my wool, came home and started knitting, and I continued to knit until 2am, only to find that when I layed the cardi out the sleeves were different sizes.

So I went to9 bed and got up at 7, undid one of the sleeves and re knitted it. I sewed it together and took it round for her to wear at 12noon! They were leaving for the wedding at 12.15pm.
NEVER AGAIN- well not for another 15 years.. lol

Well thats the update at the moment. Will try not to leave so long next time.

Thanks for reading