Friday 16 December 2011

Sorry not blogged..

Didn't realise that I hadn't blogged for a few days but been quite busy and didn't feel like blogging. I have been trying to get into the Christmas spirit and today I was writing Christmas cards and I put my tree up so am feeling a little more christmassy.
Here are a few of the cards that I have made over the last week or so. I can't seem to stop making them at the moment.

This one was made from a decoupage sheet that I got from La Pashe. I love the snowmen and will be making some more. Just added some backing paper and some punched snowflakes and gems.
On Tuesday this week we had a playday at Greta's. There was supposed to be 8 of us but it only ended up with 6. We all had a lovely day but more of that in a later post when I show you what we made. Here is the project that I took for everyone to do. Simple card where the idea came from a workshop done at the Glitterpot. It's a small square card with simple matting. The tree is a sizzlit die. Added some ribbon and gems. The large piece of white card was run through the snow embossing folder in the Cuttlebug.
These cards were made using pre made toppers of the 'Me to You' bear. I love that little bear!! The base card was run through the cuttlebug using the 'snow' embossing folder. The images were stuck onto silver mirri card that was cut using nesties. Very simple but effective cards.

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Thursday 8 December 2011

Final Instalment of holiday photos

Ok, here it is the last instalment :-). When we came back from Naples, the next few days were relaxing. Boys played golf (yep more golf!!) an Cyd and I just relaxed by the pool and sunbathed. Well someone had to do it!!!

Here's Gaz, Cyd and Fel by the pool!

We also did a bit of shopping in-between the sunbathing :-)
On our last Wednesday we went to Hollywood Studios, one of the Disney Parks. Even though I have been to all the Disney parks, going to one of them still gets me all excited. It is just magic!!

Going into the park we came across this tree of poinsettias. Isn't it lovely!

One of the reasons I was excited about being at Hollywood Studios was because this was the home of one of my heros, Sully, from Monsters Inc!. I was so excited queuing for my picture being taken that I had tears on my eyes! I'm 45 and getting excited over having my picture taken with a 6ft hairy monster! Well here is one of the pictures I had taken.

One of my favourite rides at the park is Terror Towers. Foe anyone that hasn't been there, the ride is based on The Twilight Zone. You are in a lift and the lift drops and goes up at speed. It is such a great ride but you need a strong stomach!!

We had a great day and look forward to going back next year.

We came home on the Friday and landed back on Saturday morning. Boy it's cold!!!

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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Next installment.

Friday 18th November
Had a lazy, lazy day today to get over the late night/early morning cinema trip. Spent by the pool!! Weather was a bit overcast!

Saturday 19th November
Another lazy day today. Sun wasn’t out today but still very warm. In the afternoon we went shopping down to Davenport. Bought 2 dresses!!!!

Sunday 20th November
Up early this morning as Fel and Gary were off playing golf for the day and we were dropping them off. After we did this, Cyd and I went off to Golden Corral for breakfast. MMMM!!! Then we went back to the house and sunbathed, swam and read. Had a lovely peaceful day without the boys. We then went and picked them up later in the day. Quiet evening as we are off on a mini road trip tomorrow down to Naples on the West Coast. Really looking forward to that.

Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd November
We set off about this morning on our way down to Naples. A journey of about 300 miles. We stopped of at The Golden Coral for breakfast. (Only way to start the day :-) ). Then we started on our journey. We decided to go via Clearwater which is a beautiful seaside town. Unfortunately we got lost going round Tampa ( these American roads are crazy - 7 -8 lanes of traffic) and a SAT NAV with a mind of it's own!! We eventually got there a
nd spent an hour on the beach. We saw some wild dolphins just off shore, took some photos but as the sun was shining in my face and I couldn't see what I was taking so ended up with pics of the sky!!!

Gaz and I paddling at Clearwater

We left there and went on down to Naples via the sky bridge, a fantastic sight - makes the Queen Elizabeth bridge over the Thames look like a little foot bridge! :-).

By the time we got down to Naples the heavens had opened. You couldn't see a hand in front of you!. We booked into the hotel and later went for dinner at The Cracker Barrel. Had a lovely steak dinner there with salad and jacket potato!

The next day the sun was shining and it was warm. We decided to drive down into the Everglades and ended up at Everglade City.

We went on another boat trip - this time round the 10,000 islands. Absolutely beautiful. This also goes into the Everglades National Park. We didn't get to see any manatees but did get to see the wild dolphins again but as before they were too quick to get a picture but we did get a video!

Once we finished the cruise we drove further into the Everglades and went up a lane with a creek running along side and saw some alligators merrily swimming along. This is how they should be seen - in the wild.

We then drove back to Naples and spent some time on the beach and had a swim. (well a paddle!!!)

The next day we went back home. A lovely couple of days away.

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Sunday 4 December 2011

Second Installment

Thursday 17th November

Today was a very busy day. We were driving off down to Cocoa Beach which on the Atlantic coast, the east of Florida. We had an eco boat ride out to see the wild life around the waterways of Cocoa Beach Merritt Island. Our ‘cruise’ was at 2pm so we set off early so that we could have a look around Cocoa Beach itself as we had heard that it was quite nice. It wasn't…well we weren't impressed!!! We did have a paddle though and it was blooming cold…

Gaz in the sea
My feet paddling!

Gaz & I on the beach!

Gaz's feet, never gets his feet brown!!!!

The boat trip was with Island Boat Lines and the captain was Captain Mike. We set off round the islands in search of the dolphins and manatee’s. The afternoon was great. We traveled round the waterways looking at peoples fabulous waterfront houses. We also got to see some manatees – well their noses anyway. J Only managed one photo as they were very shy! lol. We also saw a few dolphins also. The whole trip lasted about 2 hours and was very worthwhile.

Pelicans in the trees around the waterways.

You can just see the backs of the manatees in the distance.

Group photo on the boat.

When we got back home we had some dinner and then settled down for a quiet evening as we were off to the pictures at 12.05am to see ‘Breaking Dawn pt 1’. I was very excited. Off we set at about 11pm.

First time I had ever been to the cinema in the US. The cinema is in a shopping complex called The Loop. I couldn't believe the number of people that were there to see the film. The cinema was showing the film on 8 separate screens and they were all packed.

The film was great as expected – different from the others – had a lot more comedy bits!!. Can’t believe I have to wait a whole year now for pt2 to come out. Still I can now read the book as I wouldn’t read it until I had seen the first part!

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Saturday 3 December 2011

Back from my holiday.

Well I am back from my hols and here is the start of my diary. Don't worry I'm not doing a day by day blow of what I did but just a general background of what I got up to with a few pics thrown in. If you want to see the villa where I stay then please visit the website

Friday 11th November

Arrived at the airport at about 8.30am and went straight through the new security system with no problem – much quicker than the old way. Then the holiday started as we had breakfast in Frankie & Benny’s. Flight was delayed by hour & half (due to take off at 11.15 – actual take off is 12.45 (we actually took off at 1pm.)

Our plane 'Jersey Girl'

Had quiet a few good films on the flight but I ended up watching Bridesmaids. If you haven’t seen it then you need to!. It was so funny in parts that I was laughing out loud. I forgot that I was on a plane full of other people and had headphones on!! Opps. Even the air stewards were laughing at me….

We landed at about 5ish – Floridian time- went through immigration – I hate that part- then got the hired car and drove to the house.

Unpacked a little and then went up to Walmart for essentials (milk, bread, eggs & bacon etc), had something to eat in McDonalds which is in Walmart and then came home. We all had flagged by 9.30 local time (2.30am English time!) and all went to bed. We would be awake early as we always are!

Saturday 12th November

Awoke early as normal. Gary & Fel went off to play golf and Cyd and I stayed in by the pool. Boys came home at about 12ish and we had some lunch then spent the afternoon by the pool again until the sun disappeared. Later on in the day we went to Walmart to do a big shop and have a look around the store. We spent a good 2 hours in there. We then had take - away Chinese which was yummy.

Sunday13th November

Another lazy day doing nothing apart from reading and relaxing by the pool

Monday 14th November.

Gary & Fel played golf again this morning. Cyd and I relaxed by the pool. We stayed in all afternoon then later that day Gaz & I went up to ‘The Loop’ a shopping complex with a big MichaelsJ. I went and booked our tickets for ‘Breaking Dawn part 1’. We are going to the midnight showing on Thursday night. Can’t wait!!!!

Tuesday 15th November.

Overcast mainly today but still very, very warm. Laid by the pool reading and sleeping mostly J. Then later we went and did a bit of shopping and then went and had something to eat at Golden Corral. They do the greatest mash potato!!!

Gaz and I at the Golden Corral

Wednesday 16th November

Another lazy day by the pool. Then went shopping up to Kmart.

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Thursday 10 November 2011

I have made some cards!

It was a friend of mine's birthday on Monday. I met Kim through the Crafters Reunited forum and we have been away a couple of times. A couple of months ago she pointed out a typo on one of my blog posts regarding ducks where I got my 'i's' & 'u's' mixed up!! Opps! and Kim being Kim couldn't let it pass without the odd comment here and there. So when it came to her birthday card there was only one thing I could put on it....The image is one I stamped at a meet sometime, coloured with promarkers. The greeting has been computer generated and layered onto yellow card from my stash cut with a nestie on the cuttlebug. A few gems and flowers added and there you go!

I have had a message from her and she liked it and thought it very funny :-)

This next card was a request from my hubby. His boss is retiring so he asked me if I could do him a card. Hubby works for the British Transport Police so he said 'Oh something with trains and police on'! So this is what I came up with!.
The images are from google layered onto blue pearlescent card cut with nesties. The greeting is computer generated, the buttons and cord come from my stash.
Well hopefully my next post will be across the pond from sunny Florida.

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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Quick Catch Up

Quick catch up time as not been blogging much recently. I am on my hols as of Friday and I am going to try and update my blog during my holiday as we are doing a few different things this time.

So what's been happening - last Thursday I went down to Southampton for a couple of days. We went down there to see a show at the Mayflower. We saw Ramin Krimlow. A fantastic singer who was in The Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies. He is taking over the role of Jean Valjean in Les Misarables at the end of this month. (One of my favourite shows) - Trying to persuade hubby that we need to go see it! :-)

Monday evening we went to Eastbourne to see Buddy the Musical - about the life of Buddy Holly - Fantastic show again ..... ooooo I do love musical theatre.

Because of going to Eastbourne on Monday , I had to go for a weigh in on Tuesday. I was a bit worried what with going away at the end of the week and eating out but I am happy to say that I lost another lb which brings my grand total to 2stone and 1/2lb lost :-), Just need to go careful on hols (but not too careful!!!!!!)

Also yesterday I had Leon for the afternoon as we won't be seeing him for 3 weeks. Again he was a delight to have. We went shopping in Tescos and he sat in the trolley and loved it. He is bery nosey though !!!!

Here are a few pics that of the many I took.

Here is is attacking his toy snake!

Falling asleep while Grandad gave him his last bottle of the evening
Fast asleep while having a cuddle with Grandad.
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Monday 31 October 2011

Weigh in Today - and last weeks!!

Well I was naughty last week and never blogged my weigh in results. Well last week I lost a lb which left me with 4and 1/2lb to loose on 2 weeks (I wanted to get under the next stone by the time I go to Florida). I set myself a target of 2lb this week and 2lb next.

This week I weighed in and I had lost 3lb ( whoo hoo!!!!!!!) I was shocked but very pleased!

I now have 1 and 1/2lbs to loose to get under the next stone and only 1/2lb to reach my 2stone mark!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!

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Sunday 30 October 2011

Our day with Leon

We had Leon for the day on Saturday. He was a joy to have again and very very good. I can't believe that he is nearly 6months old. After he had his lunch we took him out for a walk and we stopped off at the park. Here he is having his first ever go on a swing.

On the way back home we called into my friends house and she gave him a tiny rusk. (He loves rusks and wolfs them down for his lunch but normally they are mixed with some of his milk. He he is trying and almost succeeding in eating it (well as much as you can with no teeth!!). He made it all soggy so my friend ended up giving him little pieces and he ate it all!!

After his afternoon nap he had a little play and here he is watching Ice Age. He was mesmerised by it!
Another lovely day with him.

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My First Trinitage Card

Last year I bought some trinitage sheets for Christmas from La Pashe. I decided to give them a go a couple of days ago and here is my first card.

I used card, gems and ribbon from my stash. The gold paper was from a Dawn Bibby kit I got a few years ago from QVC. Once you have made the tubes the concept is very easy and very effective.

This is the front of the card.
This is the inside.
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Friday 28 October 2011

Some Christmas Cards

Over the last few days I have been making some Christmas cards for my box. Here are some of them that I have done. The style came from a shoebox card that JanR did on our first meet to Appleby Magna.

The images are digi images that I got from somewhere and coloured them in promarkers last year sometime.
The white backgrounds are embossed with lines criss cross. The greetings are from Craftwork cards. The lotus pendent from spellbinders was used for the backing to the images.Backing card and gems are from my stash.

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Thursday 27 October 2011

Anniversary Card

Today I suddenly remembered that I had had a text last week from a work colleague of my hubby's asking if I can make an anniversary card for his wife which is on 1st November. Don't know why I didn't do it at the time but I had completely forgot.

The remit was 15th anniversary which is crystal and flowers and hearts. This is what I came up with.
The backing paper is embossed and is gorgeous just wish I can remember where I got it from :-). The ribbon I actually got from a new top that I have recently bought and I cut the ribbon out! The flowers and bow are from my stash. For the gems (well they look like crystals!!) The greeting is computer generated and cut using a nestie.

This is the box that I made to go with it.

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