Friday 30 May 2008

Sad Day

It's been a sad day today as we have just got back from my friends Nan's Funeral. Cyd was very close to her Nan and is devestated that she has gone. She died last week when we were on holiday - 2 days before we came home. She was 98 years old but was a very proud lady and knew what she was doing etc.

It was a very touching funeral and Cyd held up very well and I am proud of her. There are family issues there and she has alot of anger in her.

All I can do is be there for her and help her get through this.

RIP Nanny Brown.

Wednesday 28 May 2008

New Header

Thanks to my friend Pam for the new header that she has done for me.

You're a star!

Monday 26 May 2008

Wot a surprise!!!

Prior to us going away we decided that we would get a new kitchen. We have been in the house for 14 years so decided it was time. We had picked out the kitchen we wanted, the flooring, the tiles, appliances etc. Hubby said that he would do the kitchen when we got back from hols and after he had had his week in Devon playing golf which meant that the kitchen wouldn't get started until at least the middle of June.

Now I get really stressed out with any mess in the house when work is being done. I can't handle it. I was getting really stressed at the thought of the mess with having the kitchen done. Hubby was adamant that he could do it and him and my friends kept winding me up about it.

I couldn't understand why he was getting all the stuff before we went away. I kept telling him that we could do it when we got back from Florida.

Well I now know why.... on arriving home in the early hours of Friday morning, Hubby dashed in the house first and then came out saying we had had a leak in the kitchen, I ran in and what did I find..............

My brand new kitchen!!!!

He had arranged for someone to come in and fit the kitchen while we were away!. What a great surprise , I couldn't believe he did it for me & that I knew nothing about it!


Sunday 25 May 2008

Home Now

Well we landed at Gatwick at 4.20am on Friday morning after an 8 hour flight. We left Florida with heavy rain.

The last few days of the holiday were relaxing. Did a bit of sunbathing, shopping etc. Very disappointed with Micheals as I visited 3 shops and they didn't do any of the new cuttlebug stuff and when I asked them if they did the new Disney folders they said no!

It was a good holiday and we had lots of fun. Now the countdown for November when we are off there again.

Getting over the jetlag slowly but good that I had a few days off before going back to work.

When I have the pics sorted I will load some of them.

Monday 19 May 2008

Disney is 'Magic'

Well Friday we set off early to go to the Magic Kingdom which was just that "Magic!" Cinderella's Castle is just fab & it's real!! I felt like a little kid again seeing it.
The day was really hot but we walked around the park, saw lots of characters went on some rides.

"it's a Small World', Haunted House, Pirates of the Caribean, Splash Mountain (got really wet on that!), Thunder Mountain. Parade started at 3pm and that was spectacular. Bought a tear to my eyes again.. it's so magical .. sorry but it is.

Then we jumped on the bus and went over to the Hollywood Studios which used to be called MGM. Fel and I went on Terror Towers.. what a ride, it is great. (Gary & Cyd can't do it )

We stayed there to watch the lazer & firework show Fantasmic which was brillient. IT had been a long hot day and when we got back to the house at 10.30pm we jumped into the pool which was great on my feet!

Saturday we had a quiet lazy day. Went out to dinner then played crazy golf.

Sunday we went on a drive to see a bit more of florida.

Can't believe we only have 3 days left!! :-(

Friday 16 May 2008

It's hot hot hot!!!

Well today is Thursday. Been here a week now!.. the time has just flown past. yeterday was dear old hubby's 50th birthday - yes Pam he wore the badge all day- pics to prove it!!! We went to Epcot and had a great day. They have a big lake there and you go round the world quite literally.. so not many people can say they went round the world in 8 hrs. You visit all the different countries and learn about their histories etc. Fab time. & to boot you get to meet some of the Disney characters as well. Cyd & I had our picture taken with Chip or was it Dale!!! not sure but good day. Ended up with the most spectacular firework display & laser show. Disney sure knows how to put on a show.

Today was a lazy day.. we were off to the new water park Aquatica but we left the tickets at home in the UK.. Opps! That will have to wait until November now.

Went to one Micheals on Tuesday, very disappointed, no cuttlebug stuff.. but still got 2 others to visit!!

Off to Magic Kingdom tomorrow! Will be back with the stories from there.

Monday 12 May 2008

Monday 12th May

Had a lazy morning - boys went and played golf and Cyd & I relaxed by the pool. Boys came home at about 11ish and had a dip in the pool.

We went out shopping in the afternoon. I have been to Jo-Ann's. I have bought all their disney cuttlebug stuff -

Pam - if you are reading this I have some of the stuff on your list..

Still have the 4 Michael stores to visit

Fri, Sat & Sun

Didn't do much on these days. Just visited some of the shops. Cyd & Fel needed to get some stuff for the house so the time was made up of shopping. However we did have plenty of time by the house pool and sunbathing.

Saturday night we had outr first trip to the Goldern Coral for our first all you can eat meal - bourboun chicken & mashed potato mmmmmmmm!!!

Sunday- spent a bit too much time in the sun but now have a tan so am happy.

Well we are here 08/05/08

After getting up at 2.30am on Thursday morning we arrived at the airport and booked in by 4am. We had a ride on the mono rail and then went through to airside and had breakfast. We were due to take off at 8am but we actually took off at 8.40am - not bad.

The flight was great. No problems. Great food and good films.

We landed at 12.30 local time - we are 5 hours behind uk. It was very hot!. No problems going through customs and we were on the road after picking up the car at about 1.30ish.

We arrived at the house at about 2.30ish. Unpacked and changed & then had our first of meny trips up to WALMARK

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Love You Mum

Today is the anniversary of my Mum's death. 16 years today!! Where have those years gone. Memories still as strong of her as can be. Still feel the pain of loosing her and missing the times together that a daughter and mother have.

I love you Mum just as much now as I did then.

I'm new to this!

First time doing this so please be gentle. lol! I will be using this as a day to day diary of what I have been up to. Hopefully won't be too boring. Off on hols to Florida on Thursday so this will be my journal of what I have been up to.