Monday 19 May 2008

Disney is 'Magic'

Well Friday we set off early to go to the Magic Kingdom which was just that "Magic!" Cinderella's Castle is just fab & it's real!! I felt like a little kid again seeing it.
The day was really hot but we walked around the park, saw lots of characters went on some rides.

"it's a Small World', Haunted House, Pirates of the Caribean, Splash Mountain (got really wet on that!), Thunder Mountain. Parade started at 3pm and that was spectacular. Bought a tear to my eyes again.. it's so magical .. sorry but it is.

Then we jumped on the bus and went over to the Hollywood Studios which used to be called MGM. Fel and I went on Terror Towers.. what a ride, it is great. (Gary & Cyd can't do it )

We stayed there to watch the lazer & firework show Fantasmic which was brillient. IT had been a long hot day and when we got back to the house at 10.30pm we jumped into the pool which was great on my feet!

Saturday we had a quiet lazy day. Went out to dinner then played crazy golf.

Sunday we went on a drive to see a bit more of florida.

Can't believe we only have 3 days left!! :-(

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  1. Oh dear, who's never grown up yet? rflmao! Just a short holiday this time then..... Look forward to the stories & pics when you're back. Glad you're having a good time though. Don't forget to do more craft shopping ........