Tuesday 30 August 2011

A sad occasion & the last cards (so far) from Guildford.

Here are the last cards that I have made so far from those we had from Guildford. I do have a couple more to do and hope to get them done over the next couple of days.

Toni's Card
Nic's Card (Greta's dil)
Kim's Card (very cute)
A couple of days ago along term friend of mine called me to say that her mum had passed away at the weekend. Heather is an only child so she is having to look after her dad who is in his early 80's as well as trying to sort things out. Here is the card that I made her. The image is decoupaged and had been saved from a workshop card I had done years ago at a 'Make It' show.

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Sunday 28 August 2011

Some more from Guildford

It's Sunday today and a chilling day. :-)
Here are a few more cards from the Guildford meet last Saturday.

This is my card I did. I wasn't happy with it at first but it grew on me.
Jan M's Card - I have added some gems to the flowers which have added some sparkle.
Greta's card - The fairy is decoupaged.
This is Elaine's card. I made another fopar here. I thought I was being good and stamped what I thought was the base card with the 'To Ewe' and the dots on the card at Guildford, only to find out that when I got home it ws actually the insert I had stamped. Opps!!! So I have done the stamping using a black pen. Not bad I think!!
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Saturday 27 August 2011

What I've been doing since I last blogged...

Goodness me! Nearly another week has gone by..so what has been happening in my week? Well didn't go to slimming this week as didn't feel too good so gave it a miss. I know, very naughty but I am back on the plan now....

Wednesday was my youngest son's birthday. Here was 23. He is mad on Superman and anything to do with Marvel. Here he is with his Superman dressing gown we got a part of his pressie and the cake his girlfriend got him. Sometimes they never grow up do they?

On Thursday I had to go for my final appointment at the dentist for my root canal. The injection was really painful and deep. the treatment didn't hurt at all but boy when the injection wore off, I had a terrible night on Thursday. I was in a lot of pain. My jaw is still aching now. I'm just glad that it is over.

Today I did a bit of babysitting for my 3 month old grandson, Leon. It was him and me on our own so we had good fun. It won't be long before he is crawling all over the place. :-)

Now to some cardmaking. Last Saturday we had a crafty day at Guildford and a great day was had by all. As most of our meets we did shoebox cards and here are a few that I have finished. We had 14 cards to make and again they were all so different.

Dawn's card
Chris's Card
Cathy's card
A couple of them I made fopars on. Cathy's was one.. See the inking :-(

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Monday 22 August 2011

A last minute order

There I was this morning all set to make a start on the unfinished shoebox cards from Saturday - my Guildford meet - when I got a call from my friend...'Stop what you are doing. We have an emergency!!!' One of the men that she works for had left it to the last minute to get his wife a 25th Wedding anniversary card and couldn't get a wife one - the anniversary is today!!!!! so she wanted to know if I could make one for him. Yes of course I can I said!! Not too lovey dovey. Ok I'll think of something!.

So while finishing off my housework I put my thinking cap on. Couldn't think of anything. After the housework I trolled through my files on tinternet to get inspiration!! Nope nothing! So I thought I would go sit at my table to see if anything would come...well I had an idea but wasn't too sure how it would pan out.

Here is the outcome and I must say I am very pleased with how it turned out!

I cut 4 squares with silver mirri card and then 4 smaller squares in white bazzill bling card. The white squares were then run through the cuttlebug using the hearts embossing folder. I did a greeting in grey on the computer onto bazzill bling and cut it out using labels 2 nesties, also cutting a matt in silver mirri card. The flowers were from my stash as was the bow, both I have had for a very long time. I then added some silver gems. Now I know I have seen similar cards somewhere so I can't take all the credit for the design but I will be using it again. :-)

I also made a box to put it on and just wrapped some silver grey ribbon round the lid and tied a bow and added a tag .
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Friday 19 August 2011

The week and Cyd's Birthday

Well the week is nearly over again - where does this time go.....

Since last blog I have been to weigh in and was a very naughty girl as I put on 2lb :-( .... have now tried to get back on form as I need to reach my next target and putting weight on is not on the agenda.

The rest of the week I have been doing a bit of this and that. I did get chance to make a couple of cards. I used the Tatty Ted stamp that I got free on a magazine and coloured it with promarkers. I stamped 2 images and made 2 cards.

This card is for Cyd's birthday. Cut the image out using nestie as is the greeting. The greeting stamp I got last year at Doncaster. I know I got it from Bramwell Crafts but don't know if they actually make it. Paper, card, ribbon, flowers and pearls have all come from my stash.

For the second card I followed a sketch from Sketch and Stash blog using stuff from my stash. The greeting is from Craftwork Cards (I need to get some more of them!!)

Today I have been out for a nice lunch with Cyd for her birthday and we will be round there tonight for dinner.

Tomorrow I am off to Guildford for a craft day and will have some shoebox cards to make so watch this space.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Naughty Blogger

Not been blogging much over the last few days, not that I have been busy cause I haven't :-) but I just haven't felt like blogging, but have now decided it is time to start again'

I have been updating my site (www.ubeautycrafts.com) with more stuff. I have also been making a few cards. This is the card that I have made for my baby who will be 23 next week! I have used another topper from The Haynes Collection from Kanban. I have made it into an easel card.

Had a bit of a strange one yesterday. Whilst changing my bed and hoovering the bedroom, I thought it was really getting warm in the bedroom so I went to the window to open it a bit and found that the radiator was on in the bedroom. Went and checked the rest in the house and they were all on even though the central heating was switched off at the timer, the boiler was on hot water only and the thermostat was switched down low!!! A quick call to the gas people and they came out this morning which was pretty quick. It would appear that I had a 'runaway ' boiler and the three way valve had gone!!! All mended now so the house no longer resembles a sauna.

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Thursday 11 August 2011

Last Couple of Days

Well it's been a funny couple of days and it's set to continue until at least Sunday/ Hubby is doing stupid shifts at work at the moment due to the riots and Pride that we have in Brighton over the weekend. He's working 3pm to 3am and it is really confusing me.... so I all out of sinc!!!

Anyway this morning I went for a lovely back massage at our local Champney's no less. My friends son bought me and his mum a Spa gift card so that's what I used. I used to have regular massages but haven't been having them for ages as I thought it was a bit of an indulgence. I have to say though I have missed them and this morning was sheer bliss!

Yesterday my friend came and asked if I had any nephew cards. Due to her working stupid hours (she works with my hubby!) she had forgotten to get him a card. I only have a few and they are all related to football and Jordan isn't into football. He is a bit of a computer geek so I said to her that i would make her one. Guess what - my mojo decided to disappear for the day. All day I kept trying to think of what I could do and what I had in my stash. Then last night about 10o'clock I had a light bulb moment. I remembered that I had the Making Cards Men's Special and I was sure I had seen some computer stuff in there. I was right. Here is the card that I made using the papers from the magazine.

I would like to say that I came up with the design - but I cannot lie - I copied it from the magazine. My friend was pleased with it.

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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Fishy Feet

Well it's Wednesday already. Where do these days go?? Yesterday I had a very busy day - no card making -. In the morning I had booked via Groupon to go and have a Fish pedicure. So off I went to the salon. Bit apprehensive as I have very ticklish feet. Got in the salon and they washed my feet, then they told me to put my feet in the tank which I did and all of a sudden my feet were covered in the little fish.
It wasn't ticklish at all, you just knew that they were there!! The only ticklish bit was when they nibbled my big toe at the top of the nail! I sat there for half an hour reading a magazine and it was very enjoyable. I then finished it off with a pedicure. I will definitely be having it done again.

Tuesday also means weigh in day, so off I trotted to be weighed. Thought I may have put on after the fab weight loss last week but luckily I stayed the same. Still only 1/2lb to my stone and half so fingers crossed I can do that this week.

Last night I went out with my mate Pam and some other old work colleagues for our normal 5-6 weekly meet at Frankie & Bennys at the Marina in Brighton. Had a great meal and good conversation even if it was mainly about the riots that are happening but I am not going there as it makes me very angry!!

Just on that note though I won't be seeing much of hubby over the next few days cause he has got to work 12 hour shifts (he's a police inspector) and he's got the 3pm - 3am shift!!!! until at least Sunday!! Still I suppose the upside of that is I can watch what I want on the TV :-)

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Sunday 7 August 2011

Leon came to visit today

Well it's Sunday evening again and you wonder where the weekend has gone again! Didn't do much yesterday, just sorted some stuff out and updated my web site.

Today I looked after Leon, my grandson for a couple of hours giving my son and his girlfriend a bit of a rest. He is really growing now..he's nearly 3 months old now and really alert. He does give you lovely smiles although he wouldn't for the camera today.

Here's a couple of pics of him though. he had just done an enormous burp seconds before this pic was taken.

I then changed his nappy and he decided to christen the floor and himself whilst nappiless! He had to have a complete change of clothes.

And here he is fast asleep afterwards.

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Thursday 4 August 2011

London Again

I was up in good old London town again today. My friend's son had to go and see a specialist consultant today and she wanted to go with him. She didn't want to travel to London on her own (her son lives in Croydon) so I said I would go with her.

The difference between today and Saturday was that today it was chucking it down.
We had to go to High Holborn which meant a 2 underground train ride. It was so hot, how people do it on a daily basis I do not know!

The weather eased off at about lunchtime and when they had been for the appointment we walked back to Leicester Square for lunch. Now whenever I go to London I am always on celebrity watch, lol. Well today I saw Cameron Mackintosh. Now some of you probably don't know who he is but he is a famous producer of most of the top west end musicals. I was very excited about seeing him!! Sad I know but I do love my musicals.

Right now back to my crafting. Not cards today but memory bracelets. Here are a couple of bracelets that I made the other evening. I was supposed to be sorting out my beads but got waylaid by making these.

I will be making more of these to sell on my site :-). They are very therapeutic.

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Wednesday 3 August 2011

Another card...

Firstly I went to weigh in tonight and I lost 3lbs :-). I am really pleased with that. I'd hit a standstill but now feel as if I'm on a roll again!!!! All I can put it down to is me starting walking again. I don't go far but I think that a walk everyday is helping!

Anyway back to the cards. As you all know I have many male birthday's this month so here is the latest card that I made. The image is from Kanban from their Haynes collection. One of my buy's from Doncaster.
I matted and layered it on gold mirri card and plain black card. The greeting is from Craftwork cards which has been place on the ticket punch from Stampin Up.

It is for one of my niece's husband who is mad on camper vans.

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Tuesday 2 August 2011

London & Les Mis

On Saturday I went up to London primarily to see the stage show Les Misarables.
We drove up to Gatwick and parked there and then got the Gatwick Express to London. Now I know there are a lot of people that don't like London, but me I love it. I love the hustle and bustle of it. We walked from Victoria to Buck House and walked through St James Park - first time I have done that.

We then went to Leicester Square via China Town (wasn't impressed with there!). We stopped at Leicester Square for something to eat and then we went to the Haagan Dazs shop! OMG!!! The ice cream desserts are to die for!!!!

The show is one of my favourites a\nd this was the 4th time I have seen it - the last being 4th August 2000. It had Alfie Boe in it and Matt Lucas from Little Britain fame. They both were fantastic and I wanted to rewind it and watch it all again.

If you get the chance to go and see it but are put off by the title..don't be!! It is one of my favourite shows (and I have been to see a few) it was just fantastic!!!!!

After the show we walked back to Victoria and got the train back to Gatwick.

It was a fantastic day and evening even if I did get blisters on my toes from all the walking!!!!!!

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