Wednesday 10 August 2011

Fishy Feet

Well it's Wednesday already. Where do these days go?? Yesterday I had a very busy day - no card making -. In the morning I had booked via Groupon to go and have a Fish pedicure. So off I went to the salon. Bit apprehensive as I have very ticklish feet. Got in the salon and they washed my feet, then they told me to put my feet in the tank which I did and all of a sudden my feet were covered in the little fish.
It wasn't ticklish at all, you just knew that they were there!! The only ticklish bit was when they nibbled my big toe at the top of the nail! I sat there for half an hour reading a magazine and it was very enjoyable. I then finished it off with a pedicure. I will definitely be having it done again.

Tuesday also means weigh in day, so off I trotted to be weighed. Thought I may have put on after the fab weight loss last week but luckily I stayed the same. Still only 1/2lb to my stone and half so fingers crossed I can do that this week.

Last night I went out with my mate Pam and some other old work colleagues for our normal 5-6 weekly meet at Frankie & Bennys at the Marina in Brighton. Had a great meal and good conversation even if it was mainly about the riots that are happening but I am not going there as it makes me very angry!!

Just on that note though I won't be seeing much of hubby over the next few days cause he has got to work 12 hour shifts (he's a police inspector) and he's got the 3pm - 3am shift!!!! until at least Sunday!! Still I suppose the upside of that is I can watch what I want on the TV :-)

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  1. That is so relaxing having your feet nibbled at my daughter had it done and she can't stand anyone or anything touching her feet but was amazed at how she enjoyed it, :) Sandra H