Tuesday 30 August 2011

A sad occasion & the last cards (so far) from Guildford.

Here are the last cards that I have made so far from those we had from Guildford. I do have a couple more to do and hope to get them done over the next couple of days.

Toni's Card
Nic's Card (Greta's dil)
Kim's Card (very cute)
A couple of days ago along term friend of mine called me to say that her mum had passed away at the weekend. Heather is an only child so she is having to look after her dad who is in his early 80's as well as trying to sort things out. Here is the card that I made her. The image is decoupaged and had been saved from a workshop card I had done years ago at a 'Make It' show.

Thank you for reading.

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