Wednesday 9 November 2011

Quick Catch Up

Quick catch up time as not been blogging much recently. I am on my hols as of Friday and I am going to try and update my blog during my holiday as we are doing a few different things this time.

So what's been happening - last Thursday I went down to Southampton for a couple of days. We went down there to see a show at the Mayflower. We saw Ramin Krimlow. A fantastic singer who was in The Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies. He is taking over the role of Jean Valjean in Les Misarables at the end of this month. (One of my favourite shows) - Trying to persuade hubby that we need to go see it! :-)

Monday evening we went to Eastbourne to see Buddy the Musical - about the life of Buddy Holly - Fantastic show again ..... ooooo I do love musical theatre.

Because of going to Eastbourne on Monday , I had to go for a weigh in on Tuesday. I was a bit worried what with going away at the end of the week and eating out but I am happy to say that I lost another lb which brings my grand total to 2stone and 1/2lb lost :-), Just need to go careful on hols (but not too careful!!!!!!)

Also yesterday I had Leon for the afternoon as we won't be seeing him for 3 weeks. Again he was a delight to have. We went shopping in Tescos and he sat in the trolley and loved it. He is bery nosey though !!!!

Here are a few pics that of the many I took.

Here is is attacking his toy snake!

Falling asleep while Grandad gave him his last bottle of the evening
Fast asleep while having a cuddle with Grandad.
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  1. Hasn't he grown Cally - he looks a real character now not just a baby. I bet you miss him while you're away. Kim x

  2. Hi, Oh he's so gorgeous and growing so fast:) Sandra H