Monday 31 October 2011

Weigh in Today - and last weeks!!

Well I was naughty last week and never blogged my weigh in results. Well last week I lost a lb which left me with 4and 1/2lb to loose on 2 weeks (I wanted to get under the next stone by the time I go to Florida). I set myself a target of 2lb this week and 2lb next.

This week I weighed in and I had lost 3lb ( whoo hoo!!!!!!!) I was shocked but very pleased!

I now have 1 and 1/2lbs to loose to get under the next stone and only 1/2lb to reach my 2stone mark!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!

Thanks for reading


  1. Good luck Cally carry on going the way you are and you'll get to your goal:) Sandra H

  2. well done Cally keep up the fab work

  3. Well done Cally - you're doing great. Kim x