Saturday 8 October 2011

My Birthday Cards

As you are all aware it was my birthday last week and I received some lovely pressies including a Kindle from my darling hubby - (it did have to get sent back as it didn't work properly but now have a new one and loving it!!). I also received some lovely cards. I know a lot of people think cards are a waste of time or just a commercial rouse to get you to spend more money but to me a card is everything (maybe that's why i love making them :-) ). As I say to my husband, as long as I receive a card I'm not worried about a pressie! There is nothing better than a home crafted card either and here are a few that I received from my friends!

This is from an old work colleague of mine, Mary. She doesn't make the cards herself but she nearly always sends me a handmade one.
I love this card and if you saw my earlier post about Appleby Magna back in June you would know how apt this card is. This is from Trace whom I met through the Crafters reunited forum I belong to. Thank you Trace.
This is from another friend from the Forum, Kim. Again a very beautiful card. Thank you Kim.
This is from my mate Pam. Another beautiful card. We did a similar card in a card class using peeloffs and vellum. The effect is gorgeous. Thank you Pam.
Thank you for reading

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  1. Wow you have some amazing cards enjoy your kindle they are great best present my hubby bought me for my birthday early this year belated birthday greetings:) Sandra H