Saturday 15 October 2011

Have been finishing some shoebox cards

This afternoon I have been making up some of the shoebox cards form some of the crafty meets that I have been on. I didn't realise how many I have outstanding - naughty Cally!!! - Here are the ones that I have made.

This is Trace's card from our Guildford meet in August. It's an 8x8 Christmas card.
This is Trace's card from Appleby Magna in June 2011. Beautiful A5 card. She even provided us with a card box.
This is Jennie's card from the Christmas meet 2010. I didn't actually attend this meet as I was on holiday but I did provide a shoebox card. This is a padded card. The image is a material square. I do have some of these and they are really effective and easy cards. Just need to get round to making some!!!
This is Chris's card from Appleby Magna this year. A beautiful simple and easy Christmas card. Very effective.
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