Wednesday 26 October 2011


Yesterday my husband had a little accident at work. He is a police inspector and has been waiting for for his new work phone. Well it arrived yesterday and as with most new phones you have to charge them up. So hubby lent over the shredder - yes I said shredder - to plug the charger on and guess what.......yep his tie got caught in the shredder... luckily all police officers have to wear clip on ties so he was able to pull it off before he did any damage to himself...although the same can't be said about the tie.....

I had to ring him up at work yesterday to break the news that I have to have a cap fitted on my dodgy tooth that had had root canal treatment a couple of months ago and it's gonna cost £350!!!!
He told me that my friend (who works with him) wanted to tell me something and he put her on the phone and she told me what had happened. Well to say I laughed, was an understatement. The only problem was I was standing in the middle of a shopping street and people were walking passed me as if I was a loony! hahahahahaha!!

My only regret was that I wasn't there to see it & they don't have CCTV in their office!!!!!!

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  1. Oh how lucky was he!! rather the tie looking shredded then the husband..........!:) Sandra H