Sunday 11 October 2009

End of an Era………..

Some of you who have read my blog may be aware that back in June I was told that my job would be going and that I had to apply for another job or opt to take voluntary redundancy. Well things have moved on a bit now, I didn’t get the job I applied for – Shame!! – Not that I wanted it in the first place but I had to apply for one. Well I was told last week that my redundancy request had been agreed and I would be getting my letter and package through the post imminently.
Well the letters were due out last Friday but due to the postal strike that is about, they also sent them by e-mail which I picked up on Monday. My package was very nice, thank you very much…. I would hope so after 17 years of service and I have been given a final day of between 14th and 31st December. So I am now in my last couple of months in full time employment and it is exciting as well as very scary! I have worked full time since I was 19 (I have never had time off for children as I have never given birth). The only length of time I have had off was when I was sick for 4 months.
Will I get another job – yes I will eventually but there are a few things that I want to do first, a couple of training courses I want to do to get some more qualifications, sort my house out and work on my website up and running. So I am now on countdown! I have 3 weeks holiday at the end of October when I am going to Florida and then I will only have a couple of weeks left.

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