Sunday 11 October 2009

Wii Fit – I have one…….

For sometime now I have been thinking about buying a Wii Fit. I have heard how much fun they can be and I thought I it would be a bit of exercise that we can all do and have a bit of a laugh whilst doing it. I was speaking to a work colleague who I hadn’t seen or spoken too for sometime and I commented on how well she looked and how much weight she had lost. She said that she had been using her Wii Fit everyday for ½ hour and it had really worked. A friend of Gary’s at work was selling their Wii Fit so we bought it and last Wednesday decided to set it up. The first thing you have to do it set up your ‘mini me’. This is comical in it self. Once you have done this then you have to register. This takes you through a series of tests, finding your COG (centre of Gravity). You have to put your height and date of birth and then it takes your weight and BMI. Obviously it isn’t accurate but it gives you an idea. You then have to put in a weight loss target. You then have to do a balance test and from all this it will then give you your Wii Age. Well on the first day mine was 40 (real age 42) which I was pleased about. Gaz’s wasn’t too good, his was 64 (real age 51- opps!)
You can then go onto the training bits and this is split into 4 categories.
1) Yoga
2) Muscle Workouts
3) Aerobic Exercise
4) Balance Exercise

We started off on the balance exercises. This includes heading footballs – very funny when you get hit by a football boot!!, Slalom, ski jump, table tilt and tightrope walking. The better you get the more activities you open. I tell you what its knackering.
The aerobic exercises are things like hoola hooping, step and jogging. These get your heart pumping.
If anyone is in two minds about getting one I would encourage them to get one most definitely. It‘s far better than sitting in front of the TV!
By the way I have lost 3lb and my Wii age is at the moment 35!!

Thanks for reading


  1. Sounds like good fun! Obviously got you pumping 'cos you've had a blast of catch up on blog - lol!! Good reading ....

  2. rofl at the Wii fit, I have asked Santa for one this year.......... I have used it at my daughters when we have visited her down south. It is so funny and good fun, my daughter said it toned her up as well. Enjoy your Wii