Thursday 7 July 2011

Congratulations to Dan

My son came to us in March 2010 saying that he wanted to go to college to become a car mechanic. He was 22 and had a good full time job at the time with the railway. His father and I said that if that's what he wanted to do then we would stand behind him as long a s he found a part time job and paid his way. he left his job in August last year and started college in September 2010. Needless to say he never looked for a job for the first few months and no rent was paid.

Anyway he went around looking for a job at a garage whilst at college but no one would take him as he would have been more expensive than a school leaver. However a garage just down the road asked him to go in to do some voluntary work for a few days a week unpaid. We told him to do it as you never know what it may lead to. He has been going there for a couple of days a week for the last 6 weeks thoroughly enjoying himself. He went in yesterday and they offered him a full time job. He will continue to go to college for 1 day a week but will be working there doing what he wanted to. He is over the moon!

So congratulations Dan. Of course I am over the moon for him cause it means I will have the
house to myself during the day !!!!!!!

Here is the card that I have made him. The image was from clipart. Card and backing papers were from my stash.

Thanks for reading


  1. Congratulations to Dan and good luck in your new job:) Sandra H

  2. Excellent news and congrats to Dan. Hope it goes from strength to strength for him.
    Philip is trying to do the same thing - a mature apprenticeship - but no luck so far so he's sticking with his part-time driving job while he studies. He's got his college place for his Level 3 do he's happy about that.

  3. Congrats to your son cally it was very brave move to leave a full time job and the to be given a job through doing vol work is lucky again but they must like what they see abd everyone needs a bit of luck nowadays My daughter has just landed herself an apperniceship she starts monday and was luck to so maybe theres abit of it going round shame it didn't rub of onme last night with the euro lottery lol was going to become a follower but it looks like blogger is misbehaving again
    Jacki xx

  4. Well done to Dan, and a great card, fits the bill perfectly xx