Sunday 24 July 2011

Strange Saturday!

Well it felt like it. Can't put my finger on it but just strange. Maybe it's the work we are having done... Oh well never mind. Had a good day though, finished a card for an order and the gent was very pleased with it and asked if I could make his wife a birthday card.

In the afternoon I sat and watched the 25th Anniversary performance of Les Misarables. It is one of my favourite shows, the music is amazing and I am off to see it in London next Saturday. The last time I saw it was back in 2000 so long overdue for another visit!

Late afternoon I went round my friends as her son was having a barbie for his birthday. Luckily the weather stayed dry.

Right back to the cards. Here is the second card we made on the morning of the workshop at Doncaster. Lots of elements to this one and paper folding. We also got to use the button maker that we had in our goody bags. May use some of the elements again but probably not all together.

Thanks for reading


  1. Great card Cally love the colours. hope you have an unstrange sunday lol
    Jacki xx