Thursday 21 July 2011

My new drive, path and patio

A couple of weeks ago we had our drive, path and back patio done as the old one was pretty horrible as you can see from the before pics.

The guy who did it did a leaflet drop and we weren't really interested but then he did next doors and it looked really nice. While he was doing next door I asked him for a quote and it was quite reasonable quote so we went ahead with it. I am really pleased with it and it looks so much better.

Before pics.
The back patio
The side path
The driveway (with Nellie )
The side path out front

After pics
The side path
The side path at the front
The driveway (minus Nellie)
The back patio
There still needs to be a little more work to be done to the front garden but as you can see it looks so much better.

We are having our shower room redone at the moment so I will show you pics when that is finished.

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