Friday 29 July 2011

Nice Surprise

There I was last night getting dinner ready and hubby came in the kitchen and said 'There is something that you need to see in the lounge'. 'I'm busy' I replied. 'You need to see it' he said. So throwing the tea towel down I go into the lounge and there in the middle of the floor in his bouncy chair was Leon!!
What a great surprise it was as I haven't seen him for a few weeks and was missing him.
So nanny and Leon had lots of hugs and kisses. He has grown so much and I can't believe he is 1o weeks old now.
Here are a few pictures that I took. He's gorgeous but then I am a little bias!!!! :-)

Here's Nanny & Leon
Granddad and Leon
My Little man (he looks so much like his Daddy here)
This is Uncle Dan changing hos first nappy!! It was a clean one too so goodness knows what he would have been like if it had been a messy one!!!

Thanks for reading


  1. He's gorgeous Cally and .... good pics! (Well, the larger ones are anyway - lol!) Love the one of Dan but at least he's got Leon up the right way. I can remember when Wayne changed Kieran's nappy for the first time he did it upside down - oooops!

  2. Wow he's so gorgeous what a lovely surprise him being in your living room you must of been really happy to see him and his uncle looks happy too!:) Sandra H