Sunday 22 June 2008

Well I did it!!

The Race for Life that is. At Stanmer Park in Brighton my friend & I lined up with 3000 odd other ladies to do the 5k run/walk.

The weather was great, stayed sunny but windy. First thing was the warm up and I was knackered after that. Then the race started at 11am. My friend and I went through the start line at 11.10am and went through the finish line at 12.05pm - 55 mins it took us at a good steady paced walk.

The worse part was the start, about 5 mins into the walk my calf muscles were screaming out but we got through the pain barrier lol and apart from one part where it was up hill and I kept having to remind myself to breath, I really enjoyed myself and will be doing it next year.

When you sign up you get your running number and also another bit of paper to write on who you are doing the race for. I was doing it for my Mum who lost her fight against lung cancer in 1992. Also for my dad who lost hos fight when I was a little girl in 1977 and my hubby's Grandad who died of cancer in 2002. I raised about £120 which I am pleased about. Thank you to all those that sponsered me.

It was quiet emotinal when we crossed the finishing line but worth all the pain I know I am going to suffer tomorrow... lol

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  1. Well done you. Sorry I didn't get there but I've been having my own 'race' - lol!! Perhaps next year I'll make it - as a supporter!