Thursday 26 June 2008

Designing flyers

My friend Hevs has just completed a podiatrist and is trying to set up a new business. When I visited her last week she was telling me that she needed some flyers for her business. Her dad had tried to help by blowing up her business card onto A4 paper but it didn't look professional but he tried to help.
I told her that I would have a go at designing her some flyers so I took her business card and said I would see what I came up with. She said that if I could she would come down and do hubby's feet for me as his feet are a bit mankey!!

She cam down today and I managed to get he flyers done. I am having problems down loading it at the moment so will do it later. I was quite pleased with the outcome and so was she.

And hubby has got nice smooth feet!!

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