Thursday 26 June 2008

His arm is getting better

For those that have read earlier posts , you wii be aware that Hubby broke his wrist. Well after several cancelled appointments with the fracture clinic he finall got to see them today. His original appointment was last week but they had to cancel as the doctor ws on holiday!! Because he only had a temporary plaster on and this was too big has the swelling on his arm had gone down, he visited the plaster clinic and got a new cast in purple (apparently you can have black, blue, yellow, pink, purple or black!).

For the last few days his wrist has been aching so he was worried that the doctor was going to tell him that he needed an operation... would have been his own fault as he has been using it too much!.

Well when I got home from work today he was all smiles. It seems his arm is mending well and that he may be able to have the plaster off next week and fitted with a splint! Thank goodness for that..

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