Tuesday 3 June 2008

Still no crafting - but a good laugh

Well all good intentions etc.... Sunday I thought I would have an afternoon crafting but then changed my mind. Couldn't settle.. don't know why maybe due to hubby being away.

Anyway decided to go round my friends and we ended up going through all her old photos as she is wanting to get some of her son, Dan whose 21 on Friday to stick up in the hall. Well we found some great ones of him - well he may not be too pleased!!

I love lookinh through old photos and I may now have to get all my old albums out - remember those before digital cameras- and have a look walk down memory lane.

Have sold a couple of things on my ebay shop and they have been sent off. As they have closed down the post office near work I thought I would try the postage that ypu can do yourself via paypal. It was very easy to do and will save alot of time but I'm still not convinced it will work until I know the customers have their parcel. If it is ok I will have to look at investing in a decent pair of scales. We will wait and see what happens.

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