Thursday 5 June 2008

Good News.....Bad News.....

Well today I had a day off and my friend Cyd & I went up to Ikea in Croydon. I drove and the journey up there was good. When we got there we had cuppa and a cooked breakfast which consisted of scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, beans, hash browns and tomato. All this for.....95p.. What great value.

We had a wonder round the shop and Cyd picked out a new kitchen, new bed, new dining table.. not sure what her hubby will say She's sending him up there to buy it.....We then went into the 'Market Place' for 'bits'. Have to say was a little disappointed and only spent £23!!!!

We left there at about 12ish and started on our journey back down the A23.. as we approached the start of the M23 there were Police there and they have blocked the road off. I was not happy, I'm not very good with changes and didn't know where I was going. Anyway it turned out ok as we just followed the old A23 down through Redhill, Merston, Crawley and then I knew where I was going!

Now for the bad news! As you know Hubby is down in Devon on a golfing trip. Well he rang earlier this evening which I thought was a bit strange as he normally calls me about 10ish. He called to tell me he had just returned from Exeter Hospital after breaking his wrist!
How did he do that you may ask.... playing football no less. He was in goal and one of the other bloke's kicked the ball and it hit his hand hard and the wrist broke!! Luckily it's his left one and the hospital said that it's a clean break and he doesn't have to have any op or anything. Thank goodness!

They are due back tomorrow but this has put a stop to his golf playing for the next 6 - 8 weeks!!

Men - do they ever grow up!.

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