Sunday 6 July 2008

Well here he is.....eventually

Some of you that have read my previous postings know that I went to Florida in May for my hubby's 50th birthday. Well Pam, a good friend of mine sent him a badge with a dare for him to wear it all day.

We went to Epcot on that day and here he is in all his glory with the badge on! The hat is a 'Disney Birthday hat' which he only put on for the pic but the badge stayed on all day.

As you can see it wasn't the smallest of badges either, I think he enjoyed all the attention it bought him. Everyone sayong 'Happy Birthday' and people saying that he didn't look 50. The little badge he is wearing was from our youngest son - this says 'I was young once'

He did aquire another badge from the place we stopped for lunch. It was at an English pub in Epcot and the young waiter we had got hom a disney badge and a card signed by all the staff at the pub which we all thought was really nice.

I don't think he will forget his 50th in a hurry!!

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  1. I thought he might but I wasn't sure - lol!! Good one Gary. I'll see what I can find for the 60th - lol!! ..... Pam xx