Sunday 27 July 2008

Lovely Sunday Afternoon

What a beautiful weekend it has been. Has Summer finally come.. Shush or it may go away again and we don't want that. A few weeks ago, inspired by ouir walk around Stamner Park, he bought a book called 'Walks Around Sussex' He has been trying to get me walking for ages but I always soad no, buit I have given in as long as they are nice walks. Well yesterday we all decided ( thats hubby, Cyd & Fel (our friends) that we would go for a picnic and nice walk, so we decided to do an easy walk first whicch was round Bramber, a little villiage about 6 miles away from us. The walk would take us up pass the castle (pic of the ruin on the left) and down the banks of the River Adur. The whole walk took us about a hour and was really nice. Parts of it was a bit like walking the jungle but most of it was beautiful. When we finished we decided to take out picnic out to Henfield Common to have our picnic and watch a bit of the cricket. It was lovely and warm and we had a lovely picnic and later on in the afternoon we played frisbee and ball.
I am absolutly knackered now but I really enjoyed the day.
Looking forward to the next one now.

Thanks for reading..

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