Friday 18 July 2008

New Eyes Update

Well I went for my consultation today and after having my eyes puffed at anethatised, orange dye put in, ultr violet light shone in them and being numbed, They decided that I was suitable for laser treatment, but not the simple £395 per eye treatment as advertised. . oh no.. due to my high precription and thefact that i apparently have lumpy eyes I have to have the most expensive one..

Mind you this is a one day recovery and no blade treatment..
The big day is 13th August....

I am very excited but very nervous about it but I will be able to see unaided in 3 weeks time.

p.s hyst to let you know that if you ever go for the consultation, make sure someone is with you because of the stuff they put in your eyes you can't see properly and it's like you are drunk. Also take some sunglasses as the light hurt your eyes too.

Thanks for reading


  1. Well now, there's a surprise - lol!! Wonder if anybody is actually suitable for the £395 treatment and ever has it???? Sorry, cynical me coming out again but glad you're going ahead with it anyway 'cos I know what it means to you.

  2. Hi Cally - lovely to meet you on Wednesday. I really enjoyed reading your blog last night - took me a while to find it as I had the name written down incorrectly! I was going to post this note last night, then blogger went down, so couldn't. Wishing you well with your laser surgery on 13th. Hope to see you again sometime!