Sunday 6 July 2008

Crafty Day

Well I had a lovely day yesterday.... crafting. Not done this in a long time. Was on my own as hubby was working. So I decided to make some stuff for my shop. I put Captain Jack Sparrow on the telly and created.

First I did some flower toppers using the cuttlebug daisy die. I love this die and think the flowers are lovely. You can make so many variations. I made them out of pearlescent paper and finished them off with a clear gem. Ivory, pale pink and cerise pink. I cut 2 lots of each size petals to make the flowers look full.

I then made some teddy toppers. Again cut with my cuttlebug. I think these look really cute. These were made from pearlescent paper and I am really pleased with them. 2 were cut in the main colour and them two in the lighter colour. Cutting out the lighter bits needed to make a two tone bear. Then I added a pink and blue ribbon to finish them off. Made 2 in dark brown and 2 in light brown.
I also made some other little bits and pieces and really enjoyed myself.
Nothing like a bit of Jack Sparrow and crafting on a Saturday afternoon.


  1. Love the bears Cally. Nice to have some crafty time isn't it? x