Friday 10 June 2011


Yesterday was a funny old day. We had torrential rain in the morning and a mini tornado at Brighton Seaside. Then it turned out quite nice and sunny in the afternoon.

In the afternoon my friend bought her dog round for a stop over. She is going on holiday in a couple of weeks and I have agreed to look after Nellie for her. So yesterday was a trial to see how she settled.

She is a staffie and so friendly. She settled in really well and was very good. She loved crawling under my bed!!!! Why I don't know lol. Here are some photos of her.

This one was taken in the garden this morning. She was having a funny five minutes, charging round the garden playing with a bit of wood that you can just see by her feet.
This is her trying to blend into the carpets.. She loves her belly being rubbed.
She has different coloured eyes, one blue and one brown.
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