Thursday 16 June 2011

My toy car....

Yesterday my car, a Kia Sportage 4x4, had to go in for it's MOT and service. I took it along to the garage yesterday morning and I was given a courtesy car - a Renault clio!! The mechanic laughed when he gave me the key and said 'Oh it's a bit smaller than what you are used to'. Well I got in it and it was manual, although I have always driven a manual, the Kia is automatic and they make you very lazy drivers! :-) I had to reverse it out of the space and could I get it into reverse?? Not blooming likely. So I got out and went back into the garage and told the guy that I was being a bit f a numpty and couldn't get it into reverse. He smiled that smile. You know the one 'Stupid woman' smile. He showed me what to do, you had to pull the button up to get it into reverse. I should have thought of that cause that's what we had to do with the old car.

Anyway I started driving and kept having to tell myself, 'change gear, change gear'. But I coped and the card survived. It was like driving in a noddy car but I coped. It did make my driveway seem very big though.

My car passed the MOT and service with flying colours although it still cost over £200. Majority being labour, but at least I know it's ok for next week when I take it up to Appleby Magna for the house party.

Didn't do much the rest of the day, have got a bad toothache and am trying to get the courage to ring the dentists cause I know I am going to have to have root canal treatment and that will hurt.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Don't you just mechanics personally I prefer smaller cars although I can't drive at mo due to meds we have a Mondeo and I am a bit dubious about driving that althougfh I did drive the last one we had ok my dad had an automatic a chysler I hated it kept going to change gear as I have only ever driven manuals he didn't keep it very long lol glad yours passed though and I know how you feel about dentist I have a broken tooth and still plucking the courage to phone although I have to be sedated for any treatment due to my ear probs so I feel for you
    Jacki xx