Friday 3 June 2011

Here they are...eventually

My pictures of my holiday to Florida. We go at least twice a year as my friends have a villa over there that we stay on. The weather this time was very very hot - in the 90's most days. There are quite a few piccies but hope you enjoy them.

This is a picture of Cyd and Fel (our friends) relaxing in the pool. Yes Cyd is reading. It was the only way to stay cool!

And this is my darling hubby relaxing!!! Bless

While we were over there it was Mother's day ( the US celebrate it on a different day to us) This was a picture of an orchid. The colour caught my eye. I thought it was beautiful!

One of hubby's work colleagues were out there on holiday the same time as us so we met up and on one of the days we went to Sea World.

This is hubby and I outside.

Here are the boys, Steve, Adam, Fel and Gary (hubby)

Hubby doesn't like roller coasters etc so this is the nearest he will get!!

This picture is of the killer whales from Sea World. I love this show or should say loved it. The trainers used to go in the water with the whales and it was beautiful, but since the accident when one of the trainers got killed they no longer do this and the show has lost some of the magic. I know there are a lot of people that think this is cruel, but SeaWorld is a conservation park and they save a lot of animals.

This is the boys on the water ride Atlantis.

Here's Steve and Cyd feeding the Dolphins - although just after this pic was taken the dolphin almost head butted Steve. hehehehe!!

These are a family of ducks that we saw at SeaWorld. The babies were in the water and the mother was the other side of the fence and she was trying desperately to get to them. Hubby got hold of the duck and put her over the fence. So Mummy and babies were reunited.

Cyd and Gaz on the golf course doing their Kate and Leo guise. (Well the golf was called Pirates Island - well they both have boats!!!!!!)

This is Adam & Steve leaving to drive back to Miami where they were catching their flight home.

Gaz with a new sun hat!!!

Gaz and me in Perkins on Gaz's birthday.

Beautiful sunset following a rainy day.

Butty Pants found in Walmark!! To enhance your booty!!

In all the 5 years I have been going to Florida I have never seen a train, (I know I'm sad!!) but you hear them often - so off to the station we went and luckily a train was due in. The platforms and flat on the ground - not like ours and the trains are huge!!!!

This is the boys showing how big they are!!

& Me

This is Fel showing off his new underpants...Camouflage ones!!!!!!!!

Gaz & Fel just looking at the first tee on the Crazy Golf!!

Our favourite eatery!! $12 for all you can eat!! Greatest mash potato in the world!!
This is one of the crazy golf courses we played on. Pirates Island. (Puts our ones in the UK to shame)

Well thats it. Sorry it's a bit picture overload!

Thanks for reading

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