Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Back Pain & Anniversary card

The day before we went to France, we had my oldest grandson overnight. When he came home from school the strap on his shoes had broken so we had to take him up to Tescos to get him another pair. Whilst bending down to fasten the shoes my sciatica went down my leg. Normally if I walk around I can release it but not this time. I was determined not to give in to it and I don't believe in taking pain killers. I was in pain but managed to take the dog for a walk.

Had a bit of a painful night but it had eased a little by the next day which was good as we had a 
flight to get. It did ease up over the week away but it still ached. Everyday it gets a bit easier and yesterday I went to see my osteopath and that helped a little. I keep telling my husband that I am going to wake up on Sunday, which is my 50th birthday, and just collapse in a heap!! :-) :-) 

I do have a card for you today. An anniversary card for my niece and her husband made using CAP. Great when you have to send them through the post.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Sound really painful Cally not sure why you don't take any painkillers they do work l am alittle like yourself not wanting to pop any pills but l too had to give in as my back pain was so sore hope your getting better and your card is so lovely xx