Thursday 30 July 2009

Another week gone by...

Where are these weeks going, they seem to be going so quickly. The last few weeks have been very busy especially at work. Just over a minth ago I was told that my job of Absence manager was going in the lastest rounds of the 'restructure'. Vicky & I have had to put together a training session and feed this out to all the team leaders as they will be doing the sickness once we have gone. I have had to go for another job, but I have also put down for voluntary redundancy, which is what I really want.
I have had enough of working there now after 17 years and want a change. If I do get the redundancy, i will find myself another job eventually but there are things that I want to do like 'life laundry' my home, do a course on Sage payroll and of course lots of crafting. Eventually I want to move away from her down to the West Country like Devon or Dorset way. I would love a b&b or tea rooms. have to get Gaz away first though....

Anyway we should be hearing something next week supposedly but knowing my place it probably won't be until the end of the month. I just want to know so I can make plans.

Tuesday I went out for a regular meet with friends from my old job at the Pru that I left 17 years ago. We still meet up about every 5 - 6 weeks and have done since 1993. We went to the katarina at the Marina for a nice meal and a catch up.

My plans for this weekend is chillaxing. Gaz is working lates tomorrow, lates Saturday and working Sunday due to Pride so I have all that time on my own, Saturday morning I have a massage so am looking forward to that. For the rest of time I hope to be making some more cards.

Watch this space.

Thanks for reading.

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