Tuesday 17 July 2018

Will you be my Bridesmaid & Save the Date Cards

So as I have mentioned before my son is getting married next year and they are having an Alice themed wedding. My future daughter in law wanted to send her Matron of Honour and bridesmaids a card asking them to be bridesmaid. I have already shown you the Matron of Honour card here. The bridesmaid cards are along the same lines.

I can now also show you the 'Save the Date 'cards as they should all be handed out by now.  I had the idea for them after looking through Pinterest. We decided to go with the tag idea.  They are based on Alice again and as you can see I have put the White Rabbit on it. Added some Alice blue ribbon and some magnetic tape on the back. 

I was really pleased with them and so were they. 

Thank you for reading


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