Friday, 13 April 2018

Craft Room Update

So over the last few days I have been having a good sort out in my craft room. Well I had to get it started because my hubby went and gave away my cupboard come wardrobe so I had to clear it out so there was more stuff on the floors but I am slowly getting there. On Sunday (we have the grandkids staying tomorrow night) I will be emptying the room completely into their room, under the beds etc so hubby can sort the floor etc out while I am away next week.

Today's job was sorting out all my bits/scraps of card/paper. You know those of cuts that all crafters keep 'just in case'! Well I have been ruthless and got rid of most of it. It will be taken down to my oldest grandson's school on Tuesday. 

Here is the pile that they will be getting. 

Here is what my craft room looks like now! Look I do have a floor :-) :-) 

Thanks for reading


p.s I have taken over the wardrobe in the guest room with my craft stuff :-) 

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