Sunday, 8 April 2018

Catching up on my April Cards

So if you follow my blog you know that I am in the process of clearing my craft room so that the floor can be sorted....not going well as I keep finding things I want to do. However hubby has said that if I can get it cleared over the net week he will start decorating in next weekend and finish when I am away in Aberdeen ( of on a crafty retreat with a few friends in a week or so) So yesterday I decided to sort out the cards that I need for April and have them all done. Luckily I only had to make 2 from scratch, add a bit to one of them and the rest I have found from my box - joys of doing many workshops. :-)  

Unfortunately I can't show any of them at the moment as some of the recipients may see them as I have personalised some but here is a sneak preview of the stuff I used :-) 

I will bore you and show a post of the before, during and after my craft room refit :-) 

Thanks for reading 


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