Sunday 20 September 2015

Holiday snaps

Have no card to show you today but I do have a couple of scrapbook layouts from my Florida holiday last year. We go to Florida every year and I take lots of pictures, I download them to my computer and that is where they stay! It's taken me almost a year but I have finally started to put them on scrap pages. These too are digital but I will be printing them out at some point. I do hope to eventually do all the years I have been away but that may take some time... this will be my 9th year going and a couple of those years we went twice a year!!

Anyway the first layout shows pictures from our road trip that we did up to St Augustine. On the way back we came down the coast and stopped off at a couple of beaches. The main one being Daytona. 

This layout has pictures from our trip to the local County Jail at St Augustine. There is a lot of history and it was quite eerie there but very interesting. If you get chance read up about it. 

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