Sunday 12 October 2014

A catch up.....

Well what a busy couple of days I have had. Firstly I celebrated another birthday on the 2nd.  I had a lovely day, surprised by my hubby who took the day off to celebrate with me. Treated me too, to a trip to the tip and to Tescos :-) although we did have a lovely meal out in the evening with friends at a Chinese restaurant. 

One of the nice things about having crafters as friends is that you get some lovely handmade cards. Here are mine from my very good friends. 

The weekend after my birthday I caught a cough and cold so that basically put me out of action for a few days. I don't do ill very well. It did seem to go but it has come back again now.

On the 9th my hubby and I celebrated out 21st wedding anniversary. He couldn't get the day off as he had to go to London on a course. It was ok as my Greta, one of my crafty friends, had a play day so I spent a lovely day with them, crafting and having a good time. Even managed to make a few things.

As i said it was our anniversary and here is the card that I made for him. It's from Crafter's Companion BeBunni Love paper kit. Such cute images.

We had decided on no gifts as we Re off to America in a few weeks but when I got home from my craft day he gave me my card and then he gave me 3 gifts. I had to close my eyes while he gave them to me!
The 1st gift he said would help me in my day to day tasks. - it was a pack of dusters!!
The 2nd gift he said was to help me with my cold and cough - a double packet of tissues - with added balm so less!!!
The 3rd gift was a beautiful bunch of 10 red roses. :-)

I do love him so even though he is a pain sometimes....

Thanks for reading

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  1. ooohh, you are spoiled - a trip to the tip, tesco's, a box of tissues & dusters all in one week...what more could a girl want!!!! lol :)
    I have a card for you too but it's going to be sooooo late by the time you get it!!..sorry!!.. for some reason i thought i'd give it to you at the wreath making day, I completely forgot you couldn't come along :(

    see you soon xxxxxx