Wednesday 12 March 2014

Having a play with CAP

Today has been beautiful, weather wise and we have had a lovely day with our Grandson at Drusillas. He was a whirlwind today - never stopped and poor hubby was the one who had to do the chasing and the climbing on the frames etc cause I have a bad neck - pulled a muscle, washing my hair in the shower yesterday!!!). Poor man is knackered now!! 

The cards today were made using Craft Artist Professional, using kits La Femme and Secrets. I have added backing card and gems to finish the cards. The backing papers were also printed from the digi kits.

Such easy cards but very effective I think.

Thanks for reading


  1. Nice to hear you enjoyed your day Cally also sorry to hear about you pulling a Muscle nothing worse than that...........your cards are stunning truly!! hope the pain clears soon x

  2. These look fabulous Cally, I am still eyeing up that digi kit lol :) Viv xx