Sunday 9 September 2012

No Card Today.

I have no card today as I have had a really busy weekend. I was up early on Saturday morning to do a car boot. I have been meaning to do one for ages but what with the weather, had't got round to it. I made £47 which wasn't bad bearing in mind I only had junk :-). Mind you some people still wanted things for nothing!!

In the afternoon we went and pick Leon up (our grandson) as he was staying with us overnight. As it was a lovely day we took him to the park. Here are a couple of pictures I took. The first tow were from yesterday the third one was today.

He was very good and went down to bed at 6.45pm and slept through until 3am when he decided he wanted a cuddle with Nanny! Although he wasn't making a noise he finally fell asleep on me at 4.15am. He then woke up at 6.45am which was good for him. We do so love having him and the place is very quiet when he has gone home.

Here is a last picture of him having his bedtime bottle of milk sitting on his new chair!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Cally, We have our grand daughter tonight until Tuesday evening and they are really good company don't your think?! also very funny at times, Leon looks so content with his night drink and looks as though he really enjoyed his day at the park they do bring lots of happiness and your right it is so quiet when they go home .......enjoy xx

  2. He's very cute.I Love having my Grandson, they are so funny at time's.Just waiting for my Granddaughter to arrive.5 weeks to go