Tuesday 27 September 2011

Week Down in the New Forest

Last week we went down to the New Forest for a weeks stay at Bashley Park in New Milton. I love the New Forest, so peaceful. We stayed in a very nice caravan. The weather was lovely apart from the Sunday when it rained. Even had a go at archery.. not very good though as out of 12 arrows, only got 5 on the target. lol! but it was fun.

We went into Christchurch one day and into Bournemouth where we got lost!! Hubby decided to park the car just outside the town and took us on a route march to try and find the shops - we went in completely the wrong direction. Eventually having found the town we had a mooch around. We only had 30 mins left on the parking so we started back to the car..and you've guessed it, we hgot lost again... we eventually got back to the car after walking every single street in Bournemouth with 2 minutes to spare!!!!! It was good fun though although my feet hurt a bit.

The other days we just went out into the Forest and parked up, read and went for walks. It's so lovely to drive through the villages and see the horses and donkeys roaming free. A lovely relaxing time we had. Here are a few pictures.

These horses were in Brockenhurst, just outside the Fish and Chip shop (and yes the fish and chips were lovely!!!!)
On one of the days hubby and I went on a 2 mile walk through the Forest and here is a picture of the path. So beautiful.
Hubby and me
We went down there with our friends and Fel doesn't like the cold, even though he is a roofer and works outside in all weather. Here are hubby, Cyd and Fel having lunch near Barton on Sea.
This is the little donkey that gave Cyd a fright. Hubby and I had gone for a walk and she had stayed in the car reading (she doesn't like walking much!!!) Quietly reading her Kindle when all of a sudden she looked up and the donkey had put his head through the window. Hubby and I heard her scream as we were walking back. It was so funny... hehehehehe!
Would definitely go back down there.

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  1. Wow what a place you say its so peaceful..... it looks it too! how nice to see the horses just munching through that grass, your pictures are stunning and l'm glad you enjoy your time out:) Sandra H

  2. Just catching up on having a snoop on all your lovely cards..
    Bashley Park? I live about a mile from there! Glad you had a lovely time