Monday 12 September 2011

Leon's Christening

Yesterday my little grandson, Leon got christened. The weather forecast was dreadful but the sun shone and we had a lovely day. As for Leon he was as good as gold.

Here is the card that I made him together with the box to put it in. The picture was one I took a couple of weeks ago. The top paper is vellum printed with ducks. The teddies are fabric ones that I found in my stash.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Nanny & Leon
Dad, Grandad holding Leon and Uncle (who is also one of the god parents)
Grandad and Leon
Leon with Mum & Dad
Thanks for reading


  1. Aww Leon is soo cute. Lovely card & great photo's xx

  2. Oh Leon looks beautiful probably wondering what all the fuss is about!! your card is truly lovely and a matching box its something you can keep for him and give it him when he's older probably when he gets married .........what your thinking!! love the picture you all love to be having a great time:) Sandra H