Thursday 4 September 2014

Fab Day at Drusillas

Wednesday is the day that I have Leon, (although I will only be having him in the afternoon from next week as he is going to Nursery 5 mornings a week!) and yesterday was a rarity as Grandad was off work too. We had to go get him some new shoes in the morning but in the afternoon we went to Drusillas (my normal Wednesday place :-) ). It was a lovely day, nice and sunny but quite busy there. Louis Spence was there signing autographs as he is in panto on Hastings (which isn't far from where Drusillas is). Not quite who you would imagine being at a kids play park & zoo but hey ho.

Leon had fun playing in the paddling pool, he loves the water, especially if it means getting me of Grandad wet! Although yesterday he was playing with a couple of little boys.

After the paddling pool we had to have a go on Hello Kitty cars which he went on with Grandad and again with Nanny. I love this picture as it looks so natural. Not sure what was being said though!

Waiting in the queue for another ride on Hello Kitty cars.

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