Tuesday 26 August 2014

Thursday Craft Workshop

Last Thursday was card workshop day, so off I went to pick Pam up. Pick her up and about a mile down the road from where she lives, I had to stop to let a lorry turn in the road. About 30 seconds later we heard a huge bang and the car was shunted forward, the car behind me decided to use me as a stopping block... she had driven straight into the back of me, obviously not looking where she was going or maybe being on her phone. Luckily for me, my car wasn't that damaged and it was drive able unlike hers (as you can see from the pictures).

Her car!

My car - poor bumper and dented boot!

We exchanged details and I said that I would contact her that evening, then Pam & I continued off to our workshop. Luckily Pam and I were ok, although the following morning I woke up with a sore chest (the seat belt had aggravated an old injury) I'm ok now though!

Anyway as said we did get to the workshop and here is the card that we made. The stamp is a 'stampin up' stamp and we used the 'reflection' technique which is very easy to do. The card has been made to look shabby and distressed ( got my OCD going as don't really do distressed :-) ) but did enjoy doing the card!

Thanks for reading.